Influenza dei polimeri extracellulari sul fouling e sul foaming negli impianti MBR.

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[automatically translated] The increasingly widespread application of membrane bioreactors, however, has still some limiting factors that affect the adoption: it is still uncertain predictions of the useful life and efficiency of the filter barrier. In particular, a material effect on the fouling process, mainly caused by fouling phenomena influenced mainly by the composition of biological suspension subjected to filtration. In the note shows the results of an experimental study that has had for the analysis of the influence of some parameters specific to that object, in addition to describing the quality of the MBR activated sludge systems, affect the filtration process. The survey was conducted on a pilot plant MBR, subjected to varying operating conditions. The research made it possible to put in evidence the correlation between the fouling phenomena and the increase of extracellular polymers in the mixture alopecia. Moreover, since they affect the hydrophobicity of activated sludge, we have tried to deepen and also characterize another phenomenon typical of such biological systems: the formation of foam or foaming. The results obtained showed that the organic foaming in the MBR plant can be charged mainly to the presence of extracellular polymers, and then the biological development of the system, especially in conditions of biological stress that often occur in the MBR systems aimed at the removal of both the 'nitrogen of the organic substance. Keywords: MBR, fouling, foaming, EPS.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)17-27
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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