Giuseppe Mule', Antonio Cascio, Santina Cottone, Eliana Vicari, Luigi Lattuca, Marta Giambrone, Valeria Tranchida

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INTRODUCTION: A growing body of evidence indicatesthat risk of CV events is higher in HIV-infected patients(HIV?) when compared to HIV-uninfected persons(HIV-). This enhanced risk may in part be mediatedthrough preclinical CV damage. Large artery stiffness, awell-documented marker of arterial damage and predictorof adverse CV prognosis, is usually assessed by measuringaortic pulse wave velocity (PWV). Several studies examinedarterial stiffness in HIV? with inconsistent results. Ina previous meta-analysis, showing increased arterial stiffnessin HIV? than in HIV- subjects, studies assessingaortic and peripheral PWV were pooled together. This maybe misleading, because only the former has a demonstratedprognostic significance.AIM: We performed a new meta-analysis with the aim toevaluate the influence of HIV-infection and its therapy onlyon aortic PWV (aPWV).METHODS: A literature search was performed inPubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science and Medline forarticles, also in abstract form, concerning the effect of HIVinfection and ART on aortic stiffness. The standardizedmean difference (SMD) and corresponding 95% confidenceintervals were calculated for aortic PWV in differentcomparison groups, which contained naive HIV? versusHIV-, HIV? receiving ART versus HIV- and HIV?receiving ART versus naive HIV?. Statistical heterogeneity,assessed by Q test and I2 statistic, was observed inall these comparisons. Therefore, both the fixed and randomeffect models were implemented, even if only theresults of the latter were presented.RESULTS: In a total of 11 studies, naive HIV? (n = 566)showed increased aPWV compared to HIV- (n = 816):SMD = 0.386 (0.197–0.575), p.001. Nine studies wereidentified comparing HIV? treated with ART (n = 631) toHIV- (n = 637) showing higher values of aPWV in theformer than in latter: SMD = 0.681 (0.396–0.967),p.001. In 8 studies HIV? treated with ART (n = 599)exhibited greater aPWV values than those of naive HIV?(n = 325): SMD = 0.259 (0.006–0.512), p.04.CONCLUSIONS: Our meta-analysis seems to suggestthat HIV infection per se and even more ART may impairaortic distensibility.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)71-72
Number of pages2
JournalDefault journal
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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