Infarto acuto dell'AICA e sordità improvvisa

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[automatically translated] OBJECTIVES The authors describe a clinical case, grown man of 57 years, of sudden deafness as one manifestation of a heart attack the anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) right in the presence of a radiological pattern of involvement of the pons region of the right whose radiological assessment in urgent performed it has allowed the identification of the picture. MATERIALS The acute ischemic stroke in the AICA distribution known as "Syndrome AICA" is a pathological clinical picture which is generally accompanied by a mixed type otologic and neurological symptoms; in fact, it characterized by: sudden deafness, device type dizziness and / or central acute irritation with nystagmus and ataxia with ipsilateral lateropulsione. The pontine involvement also translates as a dependent of the facial nerve deficits (facial weakness) and trigeminal. Anatomically AICA in 75% of cases arises from the caudal third of the basilar artery and vascularizes the anteromedial region of the cerebellum, the lateral portion of the bridge, the emergence of the fifth, the VII, VIII ° cranial nerve and tract spinothalamic. The ischemia of the structures of the inner ear canal and inner ear in 'syndrome AICA' are linked to the internal auditory artery deficit, since in 90% of cases of a direct branch of AICA, is the direct responsibility of the symptomatology labyrinthine. The diagnostic hypothesis of AICA syndrome stems from the simultaneous presence of ot-neurological symptoms that induce the specialist to make use of CT and MRI (SE T2W; DWI; FLAIR) in emergency. SUMMARY The presence being one of AICA infarction sudden deafness with cochlear features is rare as well as difficult to obtain for the non-operation of the MRI but still must be taken into account. CONCLUSIONS The diagnosis etiology of sudden deafness as 'Syndrome AICA' is performed only with the aid of NMR performed in regime of urgency for which the authors strongly suggest the inclusion of MRI in urgency between the diagnostic investigations of sudden deafness.
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Publication statusPublished - 2010

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