“Indagine sperimentale per la caratterizzazione meccanica di elementi strutturali misti in legno-acciaio e legno-acciaio-calcestruzzo"

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[automatically translated] The paper reports the results of the research activity Aimed to define the physical-mechanics characteristics of structural elements made of wood-steel, and / or wood-steel-concrete, jointed by steel con¬nectors. The elements used for the tests are: glulam beams with two dif¬ferent dimensions (110x240x4000 110x140x4000 mms and mms); steel flats 100x6x4000  20 mms mms with holes arranged like "quincunx"; steel connectors like: flat with 6 mms thickness;  18; angular; synthetic polymeric binder with epoxy based bicomponent (Xepox 40.3 / 5). Shear tests sono stati made to define the capacity for deformation and the re¬sistance of the different steel connectors. Moreover, bending tests sono stati made with the aim to verify the effectiveness of the structural col¬laboration among wood-steel beam and concrete slab.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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