Indagine per la definizione di un modello statistico per lo studio della variabile "contenuto in proteine" nel frumento duro coltivato in Sicilia.

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[automatically translated] Since 2000, the Research Consortium Gian Pietro Ballatore, as part of "Project Quality and Traceability of Hard Wheat in Sicily", triggered, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Sicilian Region, a monitoring system durum wheat, in order to qualify on the basis of product characteristics, store it differently and trace it along the supply chain. In such a context for each campaign of wheat we were collected data on wheat matches conferred at storage centers taking part in the project. In particular they were recorded information on the picture quality of the given grain, detected with the aid of infrared analyzers (FOSS Infratec model 1240), and data relating to the fertilizer used, the previous crop, the variety and the province of origin of the wheat game. The monitoring system which involves about 30 storage centers, disclocati in Sicily, has allowed in the years to record more than 100,000 records. These data were used to make a statistical analysis that has as main objective to relate the commodity quality of wheat with variables related to the cultivation technique (nitrogen fertilization, previous crop, variety) and geographical origin. It was therefore defined a statistical model for the description of the relationship between the "protein content" and cultivation variables related to it. For the elaboration of ' Statistical analyzes were used to descriptive and multiple regression techniques analysis techniques. The output is a statistical model, which is a mathematical expression that binds the dependent variable or response (protein content) with several independent or explanatory variables (cultural variables). The software used in the statistical processing is "open source R" version 10.12.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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