Implementation of a wireless instrumented sphere for fruit processing

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The aim of this study was to implement a wireless instrumented sphere to study the critical points in a citrus packing line by real-time measuring the impacts experienced by fruits. The noncommercial device was based on a MEMS (microelectro-mechanical system) sensor node with a sensing range from ±1 g to ±400 g (g = 9.8 m s-2), a ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) memory, a radio frequency (RF) transmitter, a microcontroller, and a 75 mAh lithium battery. The sensor node was placed inside an appropriate case with a total weight of 100 g to represent a 'Tardivo di Ciaculli' mandarin. An FR receiver allowed real-time transmission of the measured data. Total acceleration values, representing the stresses experienced by fruit, were studied. The results showed that total acceleration remained below 20 g in most of the measurements, but considerably higher values, up to 80 g, were obtained between the brushing and waxing machines.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication24th IMEKO TC4 International Symposium and 22nd International Workshop on ADC and DAC Modelling and Testing
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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