Immunità e Corte costituzionale. Una teoria ricostruttiva

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[automatically translated] reconstructive theory of the immunity of constitutional bodies. The monograph dall''esame part of the original configuration of the immunity of heads of state, parliamentarians and ministers in the history and goes on to examine the system of parliamentary prerogatives, functional legal responsibility of the President of the Republic and ministri.Le parliamentary rights are examined both in light of prior discipline to the law n. 140 of 2003, which at the quest''ultima light enforcement regime, without neglecting its constitutional jurisprudence. Similarly, the rules on liability of the Head of State and of Ministers is treated in view of the constitutional law on the cd. "Cossiga case" and the "Lockheed case", not to mention the '' Analysis of the reforms that have taken place relatively all''art. 96 of the Constitution. Finally, we examine the subject of the third position possibly injured by the acts made by the constitutional bodies covered by immunity and the possible means employed to protect the rights of individuals. The work aims to highlight, on the one hand the need to adopt a real "collaborative approach" between political power and judicial power, and that in fact the Constitutional Court seems to want to pursue both nell''ambito of conflict between powers, which nell''ambito judgments about costituzonalità laws. On the 'other things, the Constitutional Court does not seem to disdain the role of "judge of rights" even nell''ambito of conflict between powers, although the tension that animates it in order to maintain "
Original languageItalian
Number of pages328
ISBN (Print)9788887614152
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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