Il turismo trapanese nel nuovo contesto competitivo internazionale

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[automatically translated] The supply system of tourist services on the world tourist markets, increasingly requires the intervention of a coordinated system of workers capable of offering recreational opportunities rest, enjoyment of natural beauty, and visit and knowledge of archaeological sites . From this new way of thinking and detect the tourism industry structure present in the Trapani area, you want to proceed to launch an integrated tourism project to be proposed in the area with the aim to revive and boost foreign presence in the territory which respect other Italian regions are still little significant today. And 'therefore essential to consider the interventions by private and public operators, for the realization of an integrated tourism project (Transport / Accommodation / Complementary Services / Brokerage / Sales channels and promotion), in view of the strengthening of supply structures. Following the experiences of other Italian regions, such as Emilia Romagna, Trentino Alto Adige, it seems clear that the establishment of public / private consortia, has given a local entrepreneurial impulse of reaching remarkable goals, often in the absence of structures hotel and non-hotel accommodation adequate. According to a recent ranking, the number of tourist consortia in Sicily are four against 64 present only in the Tuscan region (Seventh report on the Italian tourism). The connection to be created between the supply structures in the province must therefore necessarily pass through the concept of the consortium whose objective is the integration of the different interests of traders at different levels of the tourism industry. Hoteliers will have to offer adequate services out of season and increase the levels of use of their facilities, hotel extra facilities should offer a service as standardized as possible and appropriate to the type of product offered, the tour operators will purchase at a reduced price the services offered in locations requiring a standard of quality that is competitive with the same products from those offered on international markets, the sales networks instead are interested in offering the consumer a complete product, since these known, easy to sell and supported by promotional policies. The search for an integration between supply passes through the sharing operators and the satisfaction of a multiplicity of interests.
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Publication statusPublished - 2000

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