Il territorio di Agrigento tra consumo di suolo e abusivismo

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[automatically translated] The increasing consumption of agricultural and natural land, which only recently containment starts to be among the priorities of territorial policies of our country, in the case of Sicily, can also be expressed through the reading of another phenomenon, equally difficult to quantify, the unauthorized building which sometimes coincides and is intertwined. The unauthorized building heavy repercussions on the quality of the landscape, the proper urban development, economy and security of the territory have been affected, usually irreversibly, the image of several urban centers and whole stretches of coast . With this in Agrigento and its hinterland are a prime example showing the lack of a culture of the area as a common good, In other respects the Agrigento case reflects the serious situation seen in an increasing number of cities in every latitude in which the disorderly overbuilding of the soils and the consequent urban sprawl continues to generate a model city that does not point to the existing recovery but on 'urbanization of new areas usually low density. A city, then, very little sustainable from an environmental and economic standpoint, as well as for the high and often unwarranted consumption of soil, even for new imbalances that determines how the increase in individual motorized traffic and the absence of spaces and public meeting places.
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Title of host publicationConsumo di suolo. Un approccio multidisciplinare ad un tema trasversale
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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