Il terremoto del 1542 in Val di Noto come occasione di rinnovamento: un quadro di insieme

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[automatically translated] Among the many destructive events involving the Sicilian territory in the modern age, the earthquake of 1542 in Val di Noto looks like a still undecipherable today catastrophe of entities and little investigated for the damages suffered by the monumental buildings of large cities is that the centers children affected, but especially for the subsequent repercussions. This earthquake is engaged especially in a crucial period in the history of Sicily, where the major concerns are addressed especially to the threat posed by enemy raids on the island. Study the chronological and territorial context in which you put the earthquake of 1542 means in fact seize simultaneously two parallel and sometimes overlapping areas of research that characterize the early modern period in Sicily, since the "reactions" to the enemy or seismic event is sometimes mostly coinciding reveal in modernization intentionality. In this sense, the earthquake of 1542 can be interpreted as the acceleration instrument of change processes that end up also guide the taste and the architectural language.
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Title of host publicationCatastrofi e Dinamiche di Inurbamento Contemporaneo. Città Nuove e Contesto
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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