Il servizio della Croce Rossa Italiana nelle zolfare di Sicilia dal 1898 al 1913.

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[automatically translated] The Italian Red Cross in sulfur mines in Sicily began to play its first service in peacetime in 1898, 34 years after its foundation. It 'been admirable activity of I. Di Giovanni and other doctors, also of the University of Palermo, such as A. Trmbusti and his students A. Amato and G. Gabrielli. The service has affected the onset accidents at work and even then the all'anchilostomiasi struggle and malar. The rules were imposed on industrial development of a system of insurance protection and syndication, like other European nations. the presence of the Red Cross lasted until 1913, when the union Required Siciliano has taken responsibility for the entire service. And 'Stata a'
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