Il ruolo dell’odontoiatra nella medicina estetica: norme e indicazioni

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[automatically translated] Aims. Scope of work and assess the degree in Dentistry is it permissible implement Aesthetic Medicine treatments of the face projected to modulate the negative effects of aging and, at the same time, analyze the aesthetic changes of the perioral structures associated to the age. Materials and methods. succinctly describes what treatments clinically involve the dental profession, particularly with regard to infiltration of botulinum toxin and fillers or bulking, with a nod also to the statutory aspects and insurance related to such treatments. Results and conclusions. The last decade and recorded an impressive increase in the supply and demand for Aesthetic Medicine treatments of the face, which is not followed, the dentist, a clear expression of professional regulation; in this scenario, in June 2010, the presidency of the National Commission Albo Dentists expressed his opinion on the lawfulness of treatment by dentists. According to the authors, the degree in Dentistry has specific expertise in the slavish respect for topographical and rational limits of the law, in the administration of Aesthetic Medicine treatments.
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