Il ruolo delle filiere nell’industria italiana: un legame stabile tra il Nord-Ovest e il Meridione

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This analysis provides empirical evidence on the relation between industrial districts, medium-large firms and belonging to the “western comma” with technical (in)efficiency by estimating stochastic production frontiers on manufacturing and mechanical engineering sector level panel data for the Italian regions over the 2008–2010 period, using ISTAT data. The industrial districts and their evolution are the first analysis to understand the new productive system to implement. The SMF productive framework has shown its limits and vulnerabilities in the actual global market. To develop and to survive, the industrial district firm can try to transform itself into a net-firm but this could be not sufficient if it is not accompanied by the boost of a medium-large firm to become a focal-firm with the role of improving the diffusion of information and knowledge and of internationalizing the industrial district. The macro-area western comma that can exhibit both components should be incentivized in promoting this transformation towards this new productive framework. The main empirical results seems to confirm the necessity of following this trend.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)617-655
Number of pages39
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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