Il rischio chimico nei cantieri edili

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[automatically translated] The phenomenon of accidents and occupational diseases, which is one of the most serious problems of our society, strongly characterizes the construction sector. Among the different causes of occupational diseases present in this sector there is attributable to chemical agents related to the use of hazardous products for humans. The chemical risk is, in fact, one of the emerging risks of the construction industry, in particular on building sites, where in recent years the use of products "traditional" is an increasing use of chemicals "is joined", and where, therefore, a prior assessment can be very useful for the purpose of safeguarding the health of workers. The risk assessment, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 626/94, applies with respect to the chemical risk with Legislative Decree no. 25 of 2 February 2002 which defines the minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks to health and safety arising from the effects of chemical agents present at the workplace. Several Italian regions have therefore developed valuation models, applicable to the context of small and medium-sized enterprises, but not all are applicable to the construction industry because of the organizational and production specificities of the production cycle. Parallel showed the need for increased information of the process operators on the identification and utilization of those products that are potential health hazard. The report presents the results of a cognitive research aimed to take stock of the situation on the national and regional legislation, the technical adjustment of the manufacturing companies,
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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