Il restauro del monumento Gravina Bonanno di Montevago nel camposanto di S. Orsola a Palermo

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[automatically translated] Subject of the publication is the mausoleum tomb in the cemetery of St. Ursula in Palermo for Pellegra Bonanno Gravina Montevago, the last descendant and sole heir of the principles of Montevago, whose relatives were among the illustrious personalities like General Carlo Federico Gravina (the loser of the battle Trafalgar) and Cardinal Pietro, archbishop of Palermo. The monument, which is configured as a couplet in antis Doric temple and Sicilian influences also affected by Canova, is here attributed to the architect's design Emmanuel Mansion (1798-1872), author of important architecture in Palermo, including the neo-Gothic spiers on Archbishop's Palace, and the execution of Joseph Monroy Ranchibile Count, now unprecedented figure of architectural dilettante. It also defines the precise dating of ' postponing work of nearly two decades to 1855, than reported so far by specific studies. The texts make use of diagnostic investigations and observations made during the restoration work, as well as numerous archival documents found for this occasion, in order to contextualize the reasons of the client, the course of the construction site and the artistic result of the same in general and in the context of the architect's production Mansion.
Original languageItalian
PublisherCongregazione Sant’Eligio - Museo Diocesano di Palermo
Number of pages72
ISBN (Print)978-88-904238-8-8
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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