Il questionario SCIA per la valutazione delle buone prassi nelle comunità per minori: analisi preliminari e proposte per una versione breve.

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[automatically translated] Residential communities can be considered as Set (ting) (Giannone et al., 2012; Bruschetta, Giunta, 2009), specialist of "cure" contexts. Knowledge of the organization, structural and theoretical-clinical, such contexts is essential to launch a reflection process, which can bring to light the actual conditions of "therapeutic interventions" (Moos, 1980, 2012; Van der Helm, 2009, 2011) . The Childhood and Adolescence Community Standard questionnaire - SCIA (Giannone, Guarnaccia, Bruschetta, 2012) prepared by the Italian version of the Service Standards Manual for Therapeutic Communities for Children and Adolescents in the Community of Communities (O'Sullivan & Paget, 2009 ; Vigorelli et al, 2012; Bruschetta et al., 2012) allows an evaluation of the entire community organization compared to the main variables that define the operation of the community. This paper presents an exploratory analysis aimed at developing a smaller version of SCIA questionnaire. To this end, the answers to the SCIA 101 community workers to children being recruited from 20 different communities were analyzed. The analysis done for the creation of a short version of SCIA questionnaire are based on both theoretical choices (representation of the different areas) and statistical (Cronbach α and EFA) which allowed to exclude the items not adequately representative of the measured variables. The abridged version of the questionnaire SCIA, in preliminary form, consists of 68 items divided into 7 sections.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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