Il progetto è stato selezionato in Israele PARCO DELLA MEMORIA. Ancora un successo per gli architetti Lucentini e Calà, autori del lavoro su «Pizzolungo».

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[automatically translated] Continue to reap success the two Sicilian architects Giovanni and Marcello Lucentini Calà, of which we have been concerned in these pages last spring about the project already under construction for the park of Pizzolungo memory. After winning the contest in January, the project (which was also the participatio Lucia Gitto consultants, landscape architect, and Marcello Ziino, architect) won a World Architecture Community Award in April and 23 July was selected, after participation in an international call from the site official website of the department of architecture (academy) of Jerusalem Bezalel considered the most important cultural Israeli academic institution. The notice of Bezalel included the selection of projects that had as its theme the real in Architecture. The idea of the promoters is that "today there is an Architecture of the Royal as already they studied and analyzed the Jewish art and architecture that has become a global reach. The architecture of the real, "according to their judgment," for his ability to grasp the rapid political and social changes in the world today makes it possible to give immediate answers and qualifying to the needs that are going to determine the world systems changes. " "Today - as noted in an article in Lg = mC group on the issue of the quarterly magazine official site of ' Academy (University) Bezalel Jerusalem - the project is a window on the sea with a garden of wild plants and the shade of an old olive tree. The garden is bordered by a stone wall with metal cages containing the ground that define the border with an incline that those coming from the sea is seen as a front that extends between the earth and the sea, watching the sky and He resumes angular silhouette of mountains. " Marcello Calà was born in San Cataldo (CL) on June 23, 1979. The events of his youth revolve around music that cultivates with passion by attending the Conservatory in classical guitar music and is also dedicated to photography. He graduated in Palermo, where he graduated with honors in 2007 with a thesis on the music.
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