Il procedimento di sorveglianza

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[automatically translated] Contents: 1. The systematic placement. evolutionary lines of surveillance rite. - 1.1. The transposition codicistica of a type of post iudicatum rite model. - 2. The type model. The application scope identification. - 2.1. The initiation of the procedure. - 2.2. The preliminary acts: a) the exequatur admissibility of the application. - 2.3. Follows: b) other obligations preparatory to the hearing celebration. - 2.4. The Chamber hearing: a) the need to adversarial model and the articulation of the Hearing activities. - 2.5. Follows: b) the defender's participation, absence, such failure. - 2.6. Follows: c) the individual's speech and participatory limits to the subject in vinculis. - 2.7. Proof. - 2.8. The decision. - 2.9. The appeal in cassation. - 3. The so-called proceedings atypical. To the grievance procedure (reference). - 3.1. The security process.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationManuale della esecuzione penitenziaria
Number of pages35
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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Di Chiara, G. (2013). Il procedimento di sorveglianza. In Manuale della esecuzione penitenziaria (pp. 279-313)