Il procedimento di formazione del matrimonio e le prove della celebrazione

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[automatically translated] The chapter on the topic of the training process and the wedding rehearsal is part of the Treaty "The new family law", in three volumes, intended to offer a systematic framework, updated and depth of this "new right", illustrating each individual institution , the principles and rules that govern it, in the light of the constant reference to the doctrinal and jurisprudential to allow the interpreter to orientate in front of the new security issues and the many problems that arise in practice. Consequently, the rules of Articles. 93 et seq. the post novella Civil Code of 1975, as well as extensively reformed by dpr. November 3, 2000, n. 396 order of civil status reform, It is analyzed by making constant reference to the interpretative landings also jurisprudential, also of European origin. Particular attention is paid to the interests underlying the reform, current affairs and correspondence of such interest to the demands from civil society, the compatibility of the prohibitions or impediments with the fundamental values of the constitutional system, in a sensitive perspective to compare moments and weighting of private international law rules.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationIl nuovo diritto di famiglia
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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