Il potere della parola nei processi di fuoriuscita delle donne dai contesti mafiosi,

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[automatically translated] The study of women's roles in Cosa Nostra, are faced with the need to deconstruct some of the prejudices that, on this subject, have been consolidated over time; first of all, the one linked to a representation of Mafia women undersized sees their participation in the organization's criminal activities, while emphasizing its presence in the family dimension, basing it on emotional components of "traditional values." This representation - widespread and shared both within and outside of the mafia contexts - as well as being the result of a surface reflection on the phenomenon, it proved long-functional criminal organization's purpose, that the alleged female foreignness could benefit in the long finding in women - deeply involved in the daily life of the organization - almost a safety valve, a secure impunity territory, a place not subject to prying eyes. A first correction to be made concerns the cognitive models used and involves the realization that the universe is not a mafia underworld isolated, inhabited by subjects "other", but it is a portion of our society that are marked - both criminal purpose of the organization, for both traditionalists deliberately models adopted in interpersonal relationships - characteristic features and cultural characteristics of the surrounding environment. If women's exclusion could and we can talk, this should be seen in close connection with the situations of marginalization and minority that distinguish the relations between women and men in the management of the sphere of power. Women apparently excluded from the universe and foreign mafia because it deliberately relegated to the sidelines. But also because the aims and actions of the criminal forum, its close relationship with the sphere of power and governance, hardly falls - in situations of "normality" - by specifically recognized skills and tasks as "female." If you add to this the fact that any public recognition of the presence of women in the mafia contexts, beyond what a might rebut a solid ally, would help to remove the patina of haze that over time has made invisible their figures, We realize how high the stakes are. Covering the history and the means by which manifests the "power" of the mafia women and violence from them shake - but more often suffered and / or shared with the men of the organization - the wise man stops to explore the power of feminine word in the world of Cosa Nostra.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationLe donne e le mafie. Del potere e della libertà
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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