Il pensiero del padre. Emulazione, obbedienza, processi di identificazione tra i giovani che vivono in famiglie di mafia

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[automatically translated] Uniquely determine what is and is not Mafia identifying affiliations or exclusion, identity of differences with a model does not exhaustively defined now also legally - it is very complicated work; even more complex is to define - even just a theoretical point of view - that to which we want to report talking about "children involved in the Mafia" crime. It refers to those children who lend their services to the Mafia? Or the term should be extended to all children living in mafia contexts? Soffermasi must analyze the lives of children of mobsters, studying possible prevention strategies with respect to the possible affiliation to inheritance? Or is it more appropriate to confine attention only on the young people, belonging to a mafia environment, they share - with their actions - aims and instruments? And how to consider the position of those children who although not part of the association are inserted in gangs or criminal organizations that cross the affairs of the Mafia in the territories in which they operate?
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationSvincolarsi dalle Mafie. Pratiche educative con i minori coinvolti nella criminalità organizzata
Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2011

Publication series

NameQuaderni dell’Osservatorio sulla devianza Minorile in Europa. Dipartimento per la Giustizia Minorile. Centro Europeo di Studi Nisida

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