Il parco in una stanza. Teresa La Rocca, allestimento per il Museo Collisani, Petralia Sottana

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“The park inside a room”Teresa La Rocca, Collisani Museum in Petralia Sottana. Is it possible for a small museum installation to concentrate a wide range of relations with the territory, even putting into a subtle visual relationship the exhibited objects and their original site? The text answers through four main questions/themes which describe the design project:-Collecting versus exhibiting: The Collisani archeological collection tells, like any collection a personal story, almost as intimate as a diary, the project had to explain it and make it suitable for a larger public. -Inner Landscape: The entrance to the Vecchiuzzo cave is framed in a window glass, in front of the pre-historical objects which were found there. The landscape is thus brought into the space as a part of the exhibition.-Like on the pages of a book: Every exhibition is an estrangement, one of the aims of the design was to put objects together like the images framed in a text, especially underlining some of the individual pieces.-Exposing or interpreting? Should every exhibition be neutral and objective? In the three artist showcases contemporary art acts in combination with archeology to create new values.
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Title of host publicationMadonie, Madonie
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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