Il multiculturalismo e le accuse di essenzialismo: teorie, politiche, ethos

Research output: Other contribution


[automatically translated] For several critical liberal multiculturalism implies the essentialism of identities and practices of minorities. This is a common objection among those who have previously expressed sympathy for multiculturalism. The question is of course important. But my argument is that the debate around essentialism does not hit the mark. Firstly because the charges of essentialism addressed to multiculturalism end up confusing a number of potential targets, jumping by critics of the liberal multiculturalism theories, criticism of multicultural government policies, criticism of topics and current attitudes regarding ethnic differences. I think it is necessary to distinguish precisely between different objectives and that, once that is done, it can be shown how these criticisms may be less harmful to liberal multiculturalism than was originally thought. I open this work with a clarification of what I mean by liberal multiculturalism and how it works in theory and practice. Having done this, I consider the criticism essentialism and analyze the ways in which this relates to the theory and practice of liberal multiculturalism.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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