Il motivo della “conversione” nel «Gallicanus» di Rosvita di Gandersheim

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This paper focuses on the subject of conversion in Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim’s dramatic plays (or «dramatic dialogues») and, chiefly, in the first of them, the Gallicanus. The play is divided in two parts and is entirely founded on hagiograhical sources, regarding some episodes about the conversion of Gallican, emperor Constantine’s commander-in-chief (BHL 3236: Conversio Gallicani principis militiae), and the martyrdom of primicerii John and Paul (BHL 3242: Passio martyrum Iohannis et Pauli). Through a strict analysis of Hrotsvitha’s play’s matter, can be highlighted the different typologies of the conversion’s theme, which involves a spiritual renovation, and the treatment of dramatic plot in the figures of the leading role Gallican, his daughters Attica and Artemia, and the «villain» Terentian. In every way, through the narration of these episodes, Hrotsvitha aims to show the great power of God in this world.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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