Il Mezzogiorno nel sistema politico italiano

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[automatically translated] After more than four decades of extraordinary intervention and subsequent winds of European aid and local development policies, the southern problem is still an unresolved issue. This, of course, does not mean that after World War II to today the South has not undergone profound changes and significant processes of modernization. However, the gap to the north-central barely changed in relative terms. From production to investment, occupation infrastructure, from private services to public, on the performance of the public administration to protect the environment and territory, from health to education system, from legality to the public spirit, there ' is quantitative or qualitative indicator that no witnesses persistence of the Southern question. The political scientists and sociologists content contributions in this volume are concerned about the reasons for this long persistence and the impact it has had on the functioning of the Italian political system, and the substantial overlap between the end of the "First Republic" and the marginalization of the South political agenda of the last twenty years, under the pressure of an unprecedented issue of the North. In particular, they will focus on three aspects of the problem: the characteristics of the ruling classes, the roots of organized crime, the difficulties of development policies. These nodes, while maintaining a territorial specificity, are not constrained to southern territory,
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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