Il metabolismo urbano. Sfide per la pianificazione

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[automatically translated] The text begins with an analysis of urban ecology issues and its development, the urban ecosystem conceptualization up to treat the Urban Metabolism, defined for the first time by Wolman, it indicates the total flow of materials through the urban system, meaning materials not only as food for humans, but in general as natural resources and products necessary for their activities, then water, fuel, building materials, etc. The explosion of cities and climate challenges and EU energy are the new issues for urban metabolism that pass through: urban growth; climate change and the EU's energy policy; the package "Energy-Climate" 20-20-20; the promotion of renewable energies. They are then addressed the processes and planning tools in the context of environmental sustainability: Local Agenda 21; Aalborg paper; the Covenant of Mayors (the key actions, the SEAP, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, and the actors in the accession and implementation process)
Original languageItalian
Number of pages96
ISBN (Print)978-88-7704-727-4
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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NameAmbiente e territorio

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