Il MemorIale In Onore degli Italiani Caduti nei campi di Sterminio Nazisti

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[automatically translated] If before the war experience of BBPR could be framed within the rationalist movement, creating projects like the sun therapy Colonies of Legnano (1932) and various master plans, (Pavia, Elba Island, Valle d'Aosta), the barbarity the war changed that vision, making a significant re-foundation of the same group, in a renewed relationship with the power and reality: the Monument to the dead in the monumental Cemetery of Milan lager (1946) it is emblematic expression. They followed historical projects: Velasca Tower (1958), the Memorial Gusen (1960) and projects of a new architectural culture that contributed to affirm a school developed especially around the Politecnico of Milan and the magazine "Casabella - Continuity", directed by the same Rogers : neorealism,
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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