"Il gruppo mi è servito a...": valutazione di un'esperienza di training

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[automatically translated] The contribution exposes data from a qualitative research concerning the evaluation of subjective experience of participation to five groups to run psychodynamic conducted in universities. The training groups are now widely used in various fields of psychological training. Many authors suggest that students have to explore experiential activities for optimal learning (Connolly et al, 2005 ;. Guth & McDonnell, 2004; Kottler, 2004; McDonnell et al, 2005 ;. Wilson et al. 2004); However, there are still few studies that show the learning outcome of this type of experience. The research objectives are: (1) understand the outcome of the experience perceived by the students; (2) analyze the characteristics and the "quality" of the experience carried out by university students, the perception of the outcome in terms of individual changes and useful changes to the profession. The research involved 97 students who attended 8 weekly meetings lasting three hours each. The study reports the results of a self-administered questionnaire at the end of the course, designed to detect: the usefulness of the experience than the future profession, the perceived personal changes, the difficulties and aspects of himself displayed during the group process. The content of the questionnaires, analyzed according to the indications of the CQR-M (Hill et al., 2012) has identified four domains: "Professional Learning", "Personal Change", "Difficulties", "Self-exploration".
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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