Il duomo di Monreale nel tardo Medioevo: condizioni, fondi e interventi tra re, papi e arcivescovi (1329-1409)

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After the Sicilian Vespers, the Cathedral of Monreale was neglected because of the to lack of funds, due to the war between the Angevins and the Aragonese. In the 14th century the inhabitans of Palermo, popes and kings pointed out that the wonderful church built by William II was in bad condition, and they were afraid it would collapse. The funds for the restoration were not enough, because the archbishopric had to pay high royal and papal levies. The Chiaromonte, lords of Palermo, controlled Monreale and the assets of the diocese were administered by knights, merchants, and notaries of Palermo. Moreover marammieri, carpenters and masons engaged in the renovation work came from Palermo. In 1397 Martin I defeated the Chiaromonte, chose Catalan archbishops and increased the funds for the restoration, but the marammieri were still knights and merchants of Palermo.
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Publication statusPublished - 2019

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