Il Diritto all'alloggio quale prerequisito per l'affermazione del Diritto alla città

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[automatically translated] In the late sixties of last century, the urban sociologist RE Park (1967) described the city as the place created by man to realize their aspirations. In the same years, he had the "right to the city", meaning the right of every man to live in a place where the conditions for the affirmation of their aspirations (H. Lefebvre, 1968). The "right to the city" behind the values of freedom, equality and solidarity, and integrates as a necessary precondition the right to an '' adequate housing for all "(Declaration on Cities and Other Human Settlements in the New Millennium, 2001, United Nations) . With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, which incorporates the European Charter of Fundamental Rights (the Charter of Fundamental Rights on the European Union, 2000) the "right to housing" has become an institutional foundation of the European Community policies. The role of privileged social attractors played by cities and the economic and financial crisis have resulted in an aggravation of the housing crisis, which affects today increasingly large segments of the population - young couples, single people, mobile workers, the elderly, immigrants , temporary workers, workers separated, and people in low- and middle-income - unable to afford accommodation and to bear the cost of energy and maintenance or to meet the lease to open market prices. Due to the high demand for residence in the city, the evolution of urban systems is based on market principles that tend to maximize the exchange value, to reduce the values of use and to deny social values. The real estate market is dominated by speculative activities that preclude many access to housing. You need to find productive solutions of social housing that will increase private and social values of use, limiting the exchange value for many citizens not commensurate with their incomes.
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Title of host publicationUn manifesto Un concorso. The right to the City for All
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