Il contributo dell'architettura per la ridefinizione dell'Accademia e di Brera

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The contribution of Architecture to the redefinition of the Brera Academy. A comparison of the sorry state of the republican education and its places with international architecture that exemplifies a different attitude towards culture such as the Openbare Bibliotheek in Amsterdam, evidencing a serious Italian short fall.The author proposes an alternative project starting with the cancellation of all the projects and competitions so far proposed in an uncoordinated manner, from the Grande Brera project to the unacceptable transfer of the Academy. Furthermore, he proposes an international com- petition for the whole Brera complex, the Pinacoteca, Academy and Observatory, that would enable students, professors and staff to share all the core areas of Brera: as an indoor-outdoor public space, a junction between the city and the building, and between the various activities of Brera which communicate and intersect there. The activities that cannot find a space in the Brera district, may be transferred to a socially degraded suburb. The choice of location could involve the recovery of a large abandoned artifact to be saved and restored with new integrations as part of an organic international competition.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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