Il contesto territoriale del complesso Enel Tifeo

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On the coast line linking Augusta to Syracuse, directly connected to the port and the city, Tifeo Power Station is the second point in an industrial development starting from the Sixties and that has generated a deep transformation along with a progressive saturation of the territory of the municipalities of Augusta, Melilli and Priolo. It is sited in a historically layered and complex place, that from the Greek colonization has lived an intense story leading to XXth century. At that time, the push towards the industrialization, in the Fifties, has dramatically signed the image of these places, scarifying historical and natural sedimentation to the petrochemical industrial development. The complex rises in a strategic geographical position, making the plant just a fragment in a 23 km industrial continuum long leading to Augusta to Priolo, with the coexistence of huge petrochemical plants, the Zeppelin’s Hangar by Eng. Garboli, dated 1917, and amazing prehistoric and archaeological settlements.
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Title of host publicationRe_Power Station. Reuse of Augusta Power Station
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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