Il consumo del sacro. Feste lunghe di Sardegna quarant’anni dopo

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[automatically translated] When in 1971 Clara Gallini The public consumption of the sacred. long celebrations of Sardinia, the island is affected by deep transformations of the traditional pastoralist economic structure and, consequently, of the sociocultural system related to it. The novenarie parties (festive institutions lasting nine days) the most important of Sardinia were also subjected to major changes, clearly educated anthropologist in a descriptive work and at the same time interpretation that declines as one of the most significant contributions of ' Italian cultural anthropology. Forty years after the first edition of The consumption of the sacred, the "long holidays in Sardinia" have changed further, since it changed the economic and social structure that holds up the festive arrangement. The shrines, once exclusive devotion containers, repentance, celebration and social relations, now account for the space in which these elements are sincretizzano with folk events promoted by Pro Loco, local associations and Sardinia Region, with the aim of tourists flow into places traditional worship. Also, in the structure of these festivals you can still catch a glimpse, in fact, a strong symbolic component and agropastoral derivation ritual, with many persistence and specific constituent features: the alms among pastors and community devozionalmente confluent at the shrine, pilgrimage, opulent consumption of food,
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