Ignacio de las Casas, evengelizzatore "soave".

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[automatically translated] The Jesuit from Granada Ignacio de las Casas (1550-1608) wrote a composite manuscript - Which included official documents, memorials, instructions and decisions - Which is today kept in the British Library, London. The manuscript Clearly shows His point of view about the painful and intricate expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain between the sixteenth and seventeenth century. He was not in agreement with the banishment and proscription (destierro) policy and at the time this opinion was not so widespread; That instead he thought it was Necessary to leave behind the forced conversions (Which compelled to simulation), but conversely to Achieve a policy of integration, to abolish tax discrimination, to get out the Moriscos of the Holy Office jurisdiction, to welcome young people in Cathecumen Houses or Colleges, to destine the betters for the priesthood and for the conversion of Muslims. Las Casas criticised the clergy severely, as they fled from the country of the Moriscos Because of Their poverty of incomes, Because of Their ignorance of the Koran and its religious precepts and Their consequent inability to refute them. In His opinion, to speak Arabic is extremely important in order to convert the Moriscos, Therefore, the catholic church Should Stop Refusing Arabic, Because of a wrong identification with Islam.
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