I teatri storici siciliani. Viaggio a ritroso nell'Ottocento

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[automatically translated] Up to recent times the theater, rather than the place dedicated to the show, it was a gathering place of the social classes: every city, big or small it might be, was racing to achieve its theater, often with heavy economic sacrifices. Of the approximately 170 theaters surveyed in the Sicilian area between the last decades of the eighteenth century and early twentieth, a few remain to witness the original characters of "Italian theater", including the densely stalls decorated and surrounded by shelves file structure wooden, the daring roof structures, the stage area with the stagecraft handling systems. In the bleak panorama of tampering and upheavals, conversions in cinemas or other destinations compatible shortly, it is believed that the development should move from a deep understanding of these organisms, more than others, they are able to witness both the technical and scientific level that the character and ambitions of the community that produced them. Look observation direct and among the old maps, signs and information on the construction aspects of the Sicilian theaters allows you to enter deeply into nineteenth-century society, to recognize capacity and limits, to outline the dialectical process between traditional building systems and innovations in science , technological and artistic. The study is striving to recognize and analyze the peculiar elements of theatrical architecture major and minor,
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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