I ricettari gastronomici di area meridionale

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[automatically translated] The rarity of the oldest food recipes from Sicily and southern area makes it particularly interesting study of the lexical, morphosyntactic and textual of the few works related to the centuries XIII and XVI. As is known, in this period of time the characteristics of the cookbook change profoundly, since switching from works written by many hands in treatises and manuals which stood as the first works sperimentalistiche of a kind which gradually specialized. The emergence during the Renaissance of a taste for banquets led to an enrichment above all lexical and content as well, that offers a glimpse not only of life and eating habits of the time but also the linguistic choices that can be traced to a detail about the formalities media use is one that befits this type of prescriptive texts. However, if it is easier to fix a chronological period after stating a sectoral gastronomy language with similar characteristics that, following dell'imporsi Tuscan rule, lead to a certain even geographical uniformity, it is certainly more difficult to trace, in corpora geographically limited, the first attestations relating to a lexicon and a gastronomic kind that present linguistic characteristics clearly attributable to the production area and therefore can help to draw a map of this sectoral language other than diatopicamente marked. In the contribution we study a body of practical texts in ancient Sicilian in which we can trace lexical and morphosyntactic attributable to this sector language. The corpus is compared with the works of southern cuisine in order to better delineate the characteristics of the gastronomy of this area language.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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