I reattori aerobici granulari: esperienze con refluo reale e sintetico

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[automatically translated] Aerobic granulation can be obtained in systems with intermittent supply two different system configurations, which allow you to make the necessary shear stress for the formation of the granules: the Bubble Column Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBBC) and Sequencing Batch Airlift Reactor (SBAR). The purpose of this study was to observe the phenomenon of aerobic granulation and assess the role of the sedimentation time during the selection phase and formation of granules. The whole experiment was divided into two different experimental campaigns where it has been used synthetic wastewater, in the first, real and wastewater, in the second. In order to highlight the different growth of the granules during the start-up, also, in both campaigns we have been used the two plant configurations. The second campaign was instead divided into two phases characterized by different initial times of sedimentation and different sequence of reduction of these, from the start value to the steady-state, in order to evaluate the role of this parameter on the initial selection of granular clusters. The granules were formed in all the experiments and the results confirm the important role of the sedimentation time in the evolution of the phenomenon during starting.
Original languageItalian
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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