I polimorfismi del gene VDR FokI e BsmI non sembrano essere associati all’ipertensione arteriosa

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[automatically translated] RATIONAL. Our goal was to analyze the relationship between plasma levels of Vitamin D (Vit D.) and clinical and ambulatory blood pressure in essential hypertension and identify a possible association between hypertension and the polymorphisms of the VDR gene FokI and BsmI. CASES AND METHODS. We enrolled 71 essential hypertensives and 72 controls aged between 18 and 75 years. Patients were evaluated: clinical blood pressure, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring 24 hours, anthropometric parameters, biochemical investigations of routine and plasma levels of Vit D. with HPLC. Both groups were genotyped for polymorphisms of the VDR FokI and BsmI by PCR-RFLP. RESULTS. We observed a statistically significant negative correlation (r = -0.277, p = 0, 043) between Vit D. and mean systolic blood pressure of 24 hours (PAS24h) in 71 hypertensive. This correlation persisted stepwise multiple regression analysis, considering as dependent variable the PAS24h (β = -0.337; p = 0.022) and Vit D. including in the statistical model, age, gender, body mass index (BMI) and glomerular filtration rate estimated by equation MDRD (eGFRMDRD). BMI (β = 0.290; p = 0.037), and eGFR-MDRD (β = -0.301; p = 0.038) were also independent predictors of PAS24h. We compared the anthropometric parameters, biochemical and clinical patients with different genotypes FokI and BsmI and we observed a statistically significant difference only between the clinic diastolic blood pressure (DBP) of the subjects with different genotype FokI (p = 0.018). In particular, we have highlighted the clinical PAD values higher in patients with genotype ff than subjects with genotype Ff (p = 0.002). We also compared the allele frequencies and genotype distribution between cases and controls, without identifying any particular association between certain alleles or genotypes and hypertension. CONCLUSIONS. Our results thus confirm the relationship between Vit D. and blood pressure in essential hypertension, but seem to exclude an association between hypertension and the polymorphisms Fok I and BsmI VDR.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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