I paesaggi del lavoro

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[automatically translated] The cultural heritage, the resources of nature, the power of the landscapes: the same attractors that have attracted travelers of the Grand Tour, modified by using more and more aware and made more accessible logistically and culturally, are the cornerstones of the attractiveness of the tourist environment territorial tip occiddentale of SCILIA, case study examined research PRIN ITATOUR. The elements of the landscape and cultural heritage of the western tip of Sicily reach heights of excellence in many areas; however, they should be caught, rather than in their individuality, as components of an integrated system of functional and cultural relations that, bed through its historicised synthesis, might return a complex of extraordinary interest and charm, the true potential of the area attractive. The description of the different connotations of the landscape, configured by the same matrix which is expressed in the many forms of work, suggests the need for a systemic reading: this vocation could allow to build tourism and cultural offer unconventional, not related, ie, only the main attractors of tourism of natural resources (seaside tourism, environmental), or cultural (archaeological, historical, cultural assets), or wine (streets of salt, wine, and oil), but articulated through a more dense structure , varied and pervasive.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationItatour. Accessibilità diffusa, spazi del tempo libero e territori del turismo nella punta occidentale della Sicilia
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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