How Decarbonization, Digitalization and Decentralization are changing key power infrastructures

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This paper addresses the impact over key power infrastructures of the three main drivers for change of these times: Decarbonization, Digitalization and Decentralization. The three phenomena, according to prominent observers, are affecting all fields of our lives but, in the literature, it is difficult to find an analysis of their impact on electrical power systems. The framework proposed in this paper, based on the main power systems evolution models proposed by CIGRE, uses data from open databases and tries to find out general guidelines for power systems development at a worldwide level. Taking as reference the European and COP21 environmental objectives and beyond, the technological evolution of some key enabling technologies is explored. What emerges is that HV bulk transport links, storage technologies and the so-called digital revolution are taking a leading role in different parts of the world for the development of a deep decarbonization of the electricity sector, of new energy business models at distribution level and of new power distribution architectures.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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