High frequency modeling technique for three phase power electronics module

Antonio Cataliotti, Dario Di Cara, Giuseppe Marsala, Antonino Pecoraro, Giovanni Tinè, Antonella Ragusa

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Nowadays, the high integrated power electronics modules (PMs), characterized by high speed, low loss and hardware miniaturization, represent a new technology that meets the emerging demands of many applications, such us vehicle and home appliance, renewable energy sources in smart grid. The integration process and the high switching speeds increase the PM electromagnetic emissions that can create electromagnetic interference (EMI) with electric/electronic devices near the PMs. For this reason, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) have to be carefully considered, yet in the design phase, to guarantee the reliability of PM systems. In this paper a method to develop a high frequency (HF) model, useful to study EMI phenomena of a three-phase PM, is presented. The method is based on experimental measurements at the PM external pins and it allows to extract internal inductive and capacitive parasitic coupling without the knowledge of structural and physics parameters of the device. The PM HF model, developed in the 150kHz-30MHz frequency range, has been implemented in MATLAB® environment. The method has been experimental validated comparing the frequency responses of the PM characteristics with that obtained by the model.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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