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[automatically translated] The study investigates the processes of formation, transformation and management of the built environment, preparing a "heritage project" on the material characteristics, co-structive and more generally settlements that contribute to the knowledge and recognition of the context of Porto Empedocle (AG) . In understanding the process of habitat (natural / environment built environment / cultural and social background) and reconstruction of identity characters, moments of reflection own architecture and technology are intertwined favorably in field trials, involving the social forces in renewal process. cornerstones of the recovery process: adapting to environmental and social criteria as the existing buildings, carrying out construction and urban renewal interventions for ' of poles of development and settlement services; redevelop and regenerate areas in critical conditions or under-utilization; support local authorities to improve the quality of life and living; strengthen the technical capacity of land management.
Original languageItalian
PublisherLuciano Editore
ISBN (Print)88-6026-088-4
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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NameSDAA diretta da R.M.Vitrano

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