Gypsum and giant canes in the Sicilian traditional architecture

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Giant cane is a natural, eco-friendly and low-cost product that is very common in the Mediterranean area. As far as the Sicilian tradition is concerned, it has been combined with gypsum, a material with the same qualities. Reeds and gypsum have been used as a traditional composite materialthat is able to join and improve their peculiarities of lightness and insulation, and to utilize the bearingskill of the hardiest reeds and the fire protection and moulding skills of gypsum. This combination ofpoor and easy-to-find materials has been used very frequently in Sicilian traditional constructions. It ispossible to see roofs with inclined floors; some wooden floors with reeds and gypsum used as a binderor a screed destined to weight distribution or induction; partitions entirely realised in reed structure andgypsum mortar cladding and stiffening; false vaults or flat ceilings with tied reeds.
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