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The 21st International EurOMA (EurOMA, 2014) Conference was hosted by Università degli Studi di Palermo. The conference theme was Operations Management in an Innovation Economy. According to innovation economists what primarily drives economic growth in today’s knowledge-based economy is not capital accumulation but innovative capacity spurred by appropriable knowledge and technological externalities. Economics growth in innovation economics is the end- product of knowledge, R&D expenditures, licenses, technological spillovers, and externalities between collaborative firms, i.e. supply chains and networks of innovation. When firms do not explicitly acknowledge and manage their operations as a concurrent activity to the management of innovation, they often encounter problems late in product development, or with manufacturing launch, logistical support, quality control, and production costs. As such, innovation process and operations management should be coordinated, rather than being viewed as separate sets of decisions and activities.We received 592 abstracts and used a doubled-blind review process, involving 127 members of the Scientific Committee, to review 586 abstracts (six abstracts were desk rejected) and provide feedback to the authors. Of these, 513 were accepted and 73 rejected. The accepted abstracts resulted in 405 full papers in the Scientific Programme. With three papers subsequently withdrawn, there were 402 paper presentations in prospect.The most recurrent OM themes were: sustainability in operations and logistics (42 papers); supply chain management (35 papers); innovation, product and service development (32 papers); managing inter-firm relationships in supply chains (30 papers); healthcare OM (21 papers); lean and agile operations (21 papers).The Scientific Programme incorporated 134 parallel sessions and was enriched by two keynote speakers: Professor Robert Handfield (Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management, North Carolina State University) and the Chief Operations Officer of Luxottica, Massimo Vian, who provided insightful reflections on the conference theme from their academic and industry perspectives, respectively. In addition there were six special sessions providing unique opportunities for engagement and insights on teaching in OM, crowdsourcing and open innovation in OM, OM as practice, OM research in the fashion industry, new supply chains, and the role of social media in OM and EurOMA. Also, besides this interesting topic-specific special sessions, the conference hosted a “Meet the Editors” session with editors and co-editors from eight OM journals.
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