Guerre di mafia

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[automatically translated] The coexistence of groups and factions of the same mafia-type organization - between groups, that is, they do of territorial control a cornerstone its existence - is ensured by a structured hierarchy system laid the same way as real bodies containment of violence and reconciliation of interests. The balance created by such conflict regulation systems are, however, always very unstable, as conditioned by the changing of reciprocity and sharing relationships between criminal groups that operate on the same geographical area: shared must be the recognition of legitimacy against organ formally appointed to settle disputes; mutual and shared respect for the territorial areas and the responsibility of each criminal group; mutual and shared interest to carry out their activities without hindrance and satisfaction with the extent of the proceeds derived therefrom; mutual, finally, the power of deterrence exerted by each other, through the threat of a possible violent resolution of conflicting interests. The imbalance of only one of these factors, or the intervention of an external variable, leads inevitably to the armed conflict. For these reasons, a careful study of the mafia wars that periodically explode within the criminal organizations operating in our country can help you discover the changing structure and the alternating phases of territorial expansion,
Original languageItalian
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Publication statusPublished - 2004

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