Group supervision: topics, process and outcome

Serena Giunta, Francesca Giannone, Salvatore Gullo, Maria Di Blasi, Anna Maria Ferraro, Francesca Pruiti Ciarello, Giovanna Di Falco

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


Supervision has been defined as “a formal process of professional support and learning whichenables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility fortheir own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex clinicalsituations” ( Department of Health (DoH), 1993).The study analyzes topics, process and outcome of a Leader-Led Peer Group Supervision, inside aTC for psychiatric patients. The group was head by an expert group-analyst, whose role was not tosolve the supervisee's clinical problems, but to work with supervisees to help them to develop andmanage their practices (Mackereth, 1997). The research project aims to recognize which factorsinfluence the outcome of group supervision. The main hypothesis is that supervision, improving theability of relationship between group members, allows to work on burnout and self-esteem levels.This process might improve job satisfaction and, indirectly, the quality of care for psychiatricpatients. According to International studies about the most important therapeutic factors of grouppsychotherapy (Yalom, 2005), was been evaluated outcome variables (Burnout, Professionalqualities, Personal Self-Esteem, Group Self-Esteem), process variables (Group Cohesion,Supervision Aptitude), and topics of the group. Data should confirm that supervision has an effecton social workers wellbeing, and thereby on the quality of their work. On the basis of these results itshould be possible to infer that Supervision reduces the daily difficulties experienced by socialworkers in their job, especially in problematic context like a Therapeutic Community. Moreoverdata might confirm that supervision has an effect on social workers wellbeing, and thereby on thequality of their work. This pilot-study doesn’t want to draw a conclusion, but just thoughtprovokingabout the role of therapists in the field of Mental Health.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAbstract Book of 17th International Congress IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy)
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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