Globalizzazione della maschilità e maschilizzazione dei processi globali

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[automatically translated] The paper proposes one of the possible interpretations of globalization, using a gender perspective. In particular it focuses on globalization and the consequent naturalization of masculinity within the different arenas that make up the social (globalized). The existence of a "world order generally" intercepts a structure of relationships that connect and project the kind of institutional arrangements and gender orders of local societies on a global scale. The paper points out that, even at a global level, there legitimating processes and practices that serve to make a group, that of males, hegemon. The hegemonic dimension is therefore underpinned by a number of practices that should be acted to maintain these structures and these representations. These processes are playing an increasingly globalized dimension by means of the reproduction of representations is bent to the logic of consumption that renewed political rhetoric. The essay, finally, starting from the construction of masculinity (heterosexual) hegemonic and its global dimensions, it reconstructs a critical reading of the "legitimacy" processes of violence and discrimination against persons and the "normalization process" of these forms of subjectivity. "Reasoning about the terms of globalization from a gender perspective means understanding that global political transformations invest our lives and our bodies and that, probably,
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationL'era globale: linguaggi, paradigmi, culture politiche
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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