Gli «Pseudo-Remedia amoris» fra riscrittura ovidiana e tematica misogina

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This paper consists in three parts. The first contains a new discussion about the consistence and the characteristics of love poetry in the Middle Ages and, particularly, in XIIth and XIIIth centuries (the so-called Aetas Ovidiana), with the enormous development of the “Ovidian” imitation. The second is focused on the “pseudo-Ovidian” poetry. The third (which is longer than the precedents) consists in a strict analysis of the Pseudo-Remedia amoris (a short poem in elegiac couplets of the XIIIth century, founded on the imitation of the Remedia amoris) and of its literary, metrical, rhetorical characteristics. The anonymous author of the poem takes inspiration from the Remedia amoris,but also from an elegy of the Amores (II 4), from the elegies of Maximian and, indeed, from the contemporary misogyn literature.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)851-903
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JournalStudi Medievali
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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