Giuseppe Meli e la cultura dei conoscitori nell'Ottocento. Prefazione di Simonetta La Barbera

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[automatically translated] Giuseppe Meli and culture connoisseurs nineteenth interesting figure of an expert, Giuseppe Meli (1807-1892) occupies a prominent place in the nineteenth century Sicilian art criticism: painter, had an institutional role in the protection of works of 'art, worked intensely publications whose topics ranged from contemporary art theories him to attributive debates, from documentary research to methodological issues. His writings cover the years 1846 to 1888; his pictorial activity is documented from the thirties, the period of his training in Naples, Rome and Tuscany, 1875. The monograph dedicated to him, taking into account, in addition to its publications, including the unpublished correspondence of Meli and sources to his contemporary, it sheds light on some little-known aspects, particularly relating to the Florentine years and its contacts with the cosmopolitan feel of the Tuscan capital. What emerges is an extraordinarily vital figure, able to understand but also to work out with personal accents on art theories that, in that period, were discussed by personalities more known today, one for all Peter Wild. The historiographical tension - of which he was part of the debtor the young Di Marzo - was always present in the work of Meli, who repeatedly emphasized not only the importance of writing a history of Sicilian art, this goal shared by the island many scholars of the nineteenth century, but also to highlight the peculiarities of the local schools, in a vision that tried to combine regionalist pride and unitary aspirations. This study,
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Publication statusPublished - 2010

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