Gino Morici, personaggio eclettico del Novecento palermitano

Maria Isabella Vesco, Rosanna Pirajno

Research output: Book/ReportBook


[automatically translated] The book investigates the multifaceted figure of Gino Morici (painter, decorator, engraver, graphic, inventor, designer, teacher), forgotten figure of the twentieth century. The paper investigates the production designer figure, theater and film, and advertising architect. In this field should mention the stands of the Mediterranean Fair (ISLA and SOFIS) sixties. His relationship with the theater, opera and prose, are few but significant traces. From the sketches reveal a work on the organization of stage space that frees descriptive academicism, although alluding to its Palermo (see The Sicilian Vespers). Vasto also his relationship with cinema: the boards, sketches and posters available narrate a spontaneous Sicily and rhetoric (In the name of the law).
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)9788895330020
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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